Domino Sugar

A sugar package that solves common usage pain points and supports a brand refresh.


Primary User

“When baking, I reminisce about times I would cook with my mother.”

Purchasing Influences
Brand recognition
Package usability

Rebrand Process

Embracing Nostalgia

Domino Sugar has the strongest history in the sugar industry. This is used in the new branding to assert a position in the market as a historic, trusted brand.

Visual Obstacles
Lacks brand strength

Package Redesign Process

User Experiences

Life hacks along with usage observation provided insights into the problems that needed to be solved.

Redesign Finals

Final Rebrand

A nostalgic look that draws from Domino Sugars history of being the market leader and hits on the throwback trend.

Final Package

A low-cost package that solves user pain points and provides a unique shelf presence.

More Work


Eddie Johnson (that’s me) is a recent Graphic Design graduate that loves creativity, UX, and branding.

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